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Our Teachers


Teacher Marta

Every day, Teacher Marta continues to gather children into education via their body, mind and spirit. As she embraces her professional gift, in moments, one can see she quite literally gives all she has directly to her students. This passion for teaching (or guiding) comes from both years of formal education and an ever growing expansion of her life’s experiences.


In her walk of life, (now over half a century), Teacher Marta has worn the hats of: Granddaughter, daughter, niece, sister, cousin, friend, student, mother, auntie, mother-in-law, grandmother, wife, and teacher. The last “hat” holds the key to her life-long passion: Educating our children at the foundational level. Years of educational studies have brought Teacher Marta to “flourish” in the realm of Early Childhood Education. In conclusion, while opening young minds, and introducing new ideas, Teacher Marta is:


  • Confident in her “professional guidance”
  • Kind and fair in “matters of the young heart”
  • “Exceptionally patient” in her daily interactions with each and every student in her care


For over 3 decades now, Teacher Marta continues to create a lasting bond between a child’s willingness to learn the subject at hand, and the students trust in this wonderfully gifted teacher. We are so fortunate to have a positive teacher guiding our school.

Teacher Andy

Teacher Andy is more than our book keeper…HE IS OUR “TEACHA ANDEE”! Each day, Andy begins with the intention of making everyone feel welcome in our school. Andy can often be found welcoming our staff by fresh-brewing the coffee, making pancakes and eggs, and setting up the classrooms… Or welcoming our students with stories of trains, dams, or “places you need to see to believe them”. He gets right in and teaches: “Let’s take turns friends, let’s find out “what’s new”, and I am listening to you.” By this welcoming and patient example, the children begin to waken their minds to the day’s discoveries.


Andy is a loving husband to Marta, a dad of four grown children, grandfather of 4 beauties, and an avid crossword player. He LOVES trains, golf and hiking Mount Tabor with the students! As a founder of both our Tabor Tot preschools, Andy has become a “Handy Andy ace” at fixing so many things we take for granted. Andy’s bookkeeping and reading of books have melded into one great adventure of balancing work with pleasure. For a child, “Teacha Andee” can change their sadness and tears into happiness and smiles within moments!


Magic? We think not… Andy’s deep commitment to the daily practice of empathy towards every child’s needs continues to shed a bright light on both our schools!


Teacha Andee is a man… When I grow up I will be a man… And I will be a Teacher like Teacha Andee!

V. – Age 3


Teacher Taylor

Born and raised on the slopes of a volcano on the island of Hawaii has bestowed me with blessings and opportunities to see the world through a lens of wonder in the presence of nature. Leaving Hawaii, but always carrying my home with me, I attended Lewis and Clark College, once again surrounded by the beauty of nature, and received a degree in German Studies in 2016. In May of 2016 I began working in Early Childhood Education, and have found this field incredibly rewarding. Each day working with young beings is exciting and eye opening. I appreciate the perspective of each child I interact with, and the exchange of ideas between the children and the teachers who guide them.

Teacher Grace

Teacher Grace grew up in Portland and has been surrounded by kids her whole life! She knew she wanted to be involved with children ever since attending Mt. Tabor Middle school when she took the Red Cross class to become a certified baby-sitter. She built up a babysitting business through high school and took a job as a nanny during her senior year of high school. Grace has worked with individual and groups of children ages 3 months to 12 years for the past 11 years. In her practice, she focuses on empathy, communication and positive means of problem solving as well as creating a nurturing environment where children feel safe and welcome to explore and grow.

Teacher Grace brings smiles and joy with her to share everywhere she goes and nothing gets her to give those out like the sight of children exploring and growing within the community. She has been attending evening college classes and eventually hopes to become a speech pathologist.


Teacher Catherine

"Teacher Katie" is Northwest born and raised. She has a degree in graphic design from The Art Institute, and years of life experience as a Jill of all Trades. She has worked as a baker, florist, apartment manager, bridal jewelry sales associate, and managed a stone tile manufacturing business with her boyfriend of fourteen years. But preschool has been the career that stuck- eleven years and counting now. She strives to bring a calm, humorous, and balanced environment to children, so they feel comfortable while they're away from home. Teacher Katie has extensive community based education in early childhood development. When she's at home, Katie has a large garden demanding her attention. She enjoys running, biking, baking, thrift store shopping, chillaxing, playing chess, drinking too much espresso, and caring for her cats and cute little doggie. Almost every summer, T Katie takes in some sort of orphaned or injured wild animal and cares for them until they can be released.  Teacher Katie once got to pet a tiger and has wanted one as a pet ever since.